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2018 Lexus IS in Peoria

“Uncommon Design. Unprecedented Engineering.” —

  • Advanced Paddle-Shift Transmission
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • 10.3-Inch Multimedia Display
  • Performance Driving Modes
  • Touch-Based Climate Controls
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2018 Lexus IS MODELS

  • IS 300 F-Sport

    IS 300

  • IS 300 AWD

    IS 300 AWD

  • IS 300 <br>F-Sport AWD

    IS 300
    F-Sport AWD

  • IS 350

    IS 350

  • IS 350 F-Sport

    IS 350

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2018 Lexus IS performance

Performance Driving Modes

Whether you're looking for added exhilaration or taking a relaxing drive through the neighborhood, Drive Mode Select enables you to make your IS more responsive or efficient with the simple turn of a dial.

2018 Lexus IS performance

Eight-Speed Sport Direct-Shift Transmission

Brace yourself for an uninhibited driving experience. For added engagement and lightning-fast gear changes, every IS features steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The IS all-wheel drive models are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, while rear-wheel drive models boast the same quick-shifting, eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission used in Lexus F models. In addition to including downshift throttle-blipping for more precise shifting and quicker response, the rear-wheel drive IS models are so advanced that their shifting varies with G-forces, allowing a lower gear to be held throughout the turn, providing maximum response when accelerating out.

2018 Lexus IS performance

Longer, Wider Stance

A longer wheelbase and wider track than on previous generations offer greater agility and stability, giving the IS a more commanding presence on the road while spoiling rear-seat passengers with nearly three extra inches of legroom.

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184.3 IN


71.3 IN


56.3 IN


110.2 IN

Five-Passenger Luxury Sport Sedan
Welded-Steel Unibody
Trunk Capacity
10.8 cu ft
Curb Weight
3,583 lb
Headroom (Front/Rear)
38.2 / 36.9 in
Legroom (Front/Rear)
44.8 / 32.2 in
Shoulder Room (Front/Rear)
55.9 /53.4 in
Hip Room (Front/Rear)
54.3 / 54 in
Fuel-Tank Capacity
17.4 gal

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2018 Lexus IS comfort

Heated and Ventilated Front Seats

Taking the comfort of the standard seats even further, the heated and ventilated front seats offer separate heaters and fans in the seat cushions to provide optimum comfort, regardless of the weather.

2018 Lexus IS comfort

Dual-Zone Climate Control

Customize the climate around you. Individual settings allow the driver and front passenger to adjust their preferred temperatures.

2018 Lexus IS comfort

Rear-Seat Comfort and Convenience

In addition to uniquely shaped front seatbacks that offer added knee room for rear-seat passengers, you'll enjoy the convenience of a standard 60/40-split fold-down rear seat, enabling you to transport longer items with ease.

2018 Lexus IS comfort

Leather-Trimmed Steering Wheel and Shift Knob

Combining exquisite craftsmanship with exceptional comfort, the interior features a shift knob and steering wheel trimmed in hand-selected leather.

2018 Lexus IS SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

Basic Warranty 48 Months/50K Miles & Powertrain Warranty 72 Months/70K Miles

Every Lexus is backed by a comprehensive warranty that should give you miles and miles of confidence. But in case you wanted to extend your peace of mind, you'll find a variety of plans available, including ones for longer-term care, one that covers accessories and another in the event of a total loss of your Lexus due to theft, fire or accident. Take a look below to learn more about your standard coverage, as well as additional coverage options.

2018 Lexus IS Safety Main Img
2018 Lexus IS safety

Intuitive Parking Assist

Intuitive Parking Assist utilizes inconspicuous sensors integrated into the front and rear bumpers that are designed to detect surrounding objects. Using audible tones and an indicator on the multimedia display, the system can notify you of a detected object’s location and proximity, helping with routine tasks like parallel parking.

2018 Lexus IS safety

Rigid Body Structure With Crumple Zones

Helping to dissipate the force of a collision, crumple zones in the front and rear are intentionally designed to compress at a controlled rate, helping protect occupants within the more rigid passenger compartment.

2018 Lexus IS safety

Lexus Safety System

The most comprehensive safety system ever offered by Lexus, Lexus Safety System is designed to help pave the way to a world with fewer collisions and better-informed drivers. An integrated suite of class-leading standard active safety equipment, the system is designed to help in certain circumstances, from providing pedestrian alerts to preventing lane drift.

2018 Lexus IS safety

Brake System

Every Lexus features the latest in braking technology. Power-assisted four-wheel disc brakes include an Anti-lock Braking System to help maintain steering control while braking. Brake Assist helps provide additional braking boost in panic-stop scenarios. And Electronic Brakeforce Distribution modulates the amount of stopping power sent to the front and rear wheels, for enhanced control.

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